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What You Need To Know About Reed Diffusers

Creating a perfectly scented interior is not a mean feat. It is harder than you might think, particularly in the winter season when windows are often closed, laundry is put to dry indoors, and the heating system is continuously on. However, battling the daily natural scents of life to create an artfully scented interior is worth every penny, and you will appreciate it as soon as you get into your house after an exhausting day at work. A scented candle will not do it, and neither will a bathroom spray do the trick; a collection of reed diffusers is what you will need. A good reed diffuser will create a chic design statement while at the same time offering a base layer for some good scent. With reed diffusers in place, you can then light candles to complement and enhance the beauty of your interior.

What is a Reed Diffuser?

A reed diffuser is a favorite way of adding constant fragrance to your home. The diffuser reeds usually soak the fragrance oil and then disperse its scent in the air. Most diffusers will disperse scent until all the fragrance oil has evaporated. Most of these diffusers are known to work well in areas where you need some sweet smell but cannot keep an eye on the candles, such as a foyer so that you and your family members can be welcomed with a beautiful fragrance as you step into the house.

How Do Reed Diffusers Work?

Many reed diffusers are often composed of a set of reeds that are inserted into a pot or jar of fragrance oils. The reeds then naturally transfer the fragrance of the oil into the air when they absorb them. The working of a reed diffuser is similar to the process of a plant absorbing water, and instead of keeping the oils inside, these reeds are designed to release the oils into the air. And since they release the oil at a consistent pace throughout, you will enjoy a fragrance that’s subtle but lingers in the air.

How To Set Up A Reed Diffuser

Some diffusers come packaged with the oil in the vessel, and if that is the case, all you have to do is remove the stopper from the vessel and insert your reeds. However, if the oil comes packaged in a different bottle, you just need to add some few ounces of oil to your vessel and store the remaining oil in a cool and dark cabinet. It is important to note that the oil stays fresh longer in a well-sealed container. When needed, you can just add a few ounces of oil to your diffuser vessel to maintain the fragrance.

You should always be cautious when inserting the reeds since the level of fragrance oil could raise and spill over the top of the vessel. It is advisable to always set up your diffuser on a non-porous surface, and clean oil drips off your vessel before placing it on a countertop.