Apple & Cinnamon 7.5 X 15Cm Round Pillar Candle Elume

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Apple & Cinnamon 7.5 X 15Cm Round Pillar Candle Elume
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Elume Pillar Candle

7.5 x 15cm 9Hours Burn Time


Elume are famous for their beautiful, vibrant pillar colours which display spectacular colours and divine fragrances.

Perfect for adding that little special touch to your home decor.

Elume's signature pillars have a characteristic "snowflake effect" and were the original Elume candles.

They make stylish decorative accessories and will make any room smell beautiful whether they are burning or not!

Available in enough colours to suit any home decor, simply select one of the fragrances above to view the range.


Size Information: Round Pillars

Candle 1. 10cm x 10cm - 120 hours burn time
Candle 2. 10cm x 20cm - 200 hours burn time
Candle 3. 7.5cm x 7.5cm - 40 hours burn time
Candle 4. 7.5cm x 15cm - 90 hours burn time
Candle 5. 7.5cm x 22.5cm - 120 hours burn time
Candle 6. 15cm x 10cm - 100+ hours burn time


 Size Information: Squares Pillars

Candle 1. 7cm x 7cm x 7.5cm - 40 hours burn time
Candle 2. 7cm x 7cm x 15cm - 90 hours burn time
Candle 3. 10cm x 10cm x 10cm - 120 hours burn time
Candle 4. 10cm x 10cm x 20cm - 200+ hours burn time
Candle 5. 31.5cm x 7cm x 7cm - 50 hours burn time


Elume is an Australian candle company and was established in 1999. The founders, Mark and Joelle Lavender, had a vision of creating a bold and beautiful candle range using exotic and delicious fragrances.

They found a niche for their products where consumers were yearning for high quality, Australian made candles. Mark and Joelle were already experienced candle makers which gave them the expertise needed to get started.

All of our products are still proudly hand poured by Mark and Joelle in our Sydney factory, and elume is a well established family business!


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Candle Tips

Unwanted Smoke

Is your flame dancing? When a flame flickers too much; it can produce unwanted smoke which can be caused by: 

  • A wick being too long
  • Drafts in the air 

To ensure a clean burn, extinguish your candle using one of our candle snuffers, trim the wick to 3mm using our wick trimmers and finally make sure it isn’t in direct line of any air currents – then simply relight and enjoy. You can find these everyday candle care products online and instore

Complete Melts

To prevent tunnelling and memory rings; the first burn of your candle is the most important!

To ensure you get an even and clean burn throughout your candle’s life - burn your candle for 30 minutes for every 1cm in diameter, so for example a large jar is approximately 8cm in diameter, so we would recommend to burn it for at least 4 hours to ensure the first layer of wax melts to the edge of the candle before you extinguish it.

If the wax is not allowed to melt to the edge; the candle will create a memory ring around the wick and it can then tunnel. You can support the burn of your candle with the use of our illumalids which helps to steady the flame and keep in the heat, encouraging an even burn.

The 1cm Rule

When there is approximately 1cm of wax remaining at the bottom of your jar candle, we recommend this is where you should discontinue its use as the flame nears the base of the glass it can get very hot – by doing this you will avoid possible heat damage that can be caused to surfaces or the container.

Dramatic Effect

Candles are a fantastic source of creating the right mood! For a really dramatic effect; gather three or more candles in varying heights and/or forms in the centre of your table for a beautiful and dramatic display. You can also influence the height of a candle through jar candle sleeves and holders.

Snug Fit Best

When using sampler votive candles, for the most effective burn it’s best to select a holder that mimics the size and shape of the candle. There’s a huge collection of votive holders to choose from to suit any décor and can be found in store and online.

Choosing the right fragrance:

Sampler Votive Candles & Tarts Wax Melts

Our small Sampler Votive Candles are called Samplers because they’re a great way to sample and experiment with new or different fragrances – with a huge range of sampler fragrances available, you’d definitely find something to your taste. Alternatively, if you prefer a flameless fragrance with a powerful throw, our selection of tarts wax melts are another way in which to experiment with new fragrances in your home

These small but powerful forms also provide an opportunity to experiment with fragrance mixologywhere you can create your own unique fragrance just for you by using complimentary fragrances together.

Fragrance Issues:

Large Rooms

Where you have a particularly large room or open plan living space, we recommend choosing wax that has a wider pool of melted wax which will give off a wide ranging throw – choose from classic loved forms including: 

  • Large jar candles
  • Tarts Wax Melts & Warmer 

Scent Intensity

Our fragrances are true to life and just like their names; the intensity of those fragrances can vary. If you want a fragrances that is more or less intense think of the strength of its inspiration and you’ll be on the right track.

Fragrance let down

Are you struggling to smell a candle after it has been burning for a while? Sometimes like with any other fragrance product you may temporarily lose the ability to smell the fragrance due to repeated exposure, whereas other’s new to it will detect it.

The best way to reconnect with your favourite fragrance is to try out a new fragrance for a while, before returning to your favourite fragrance and the smell should return.

Sensory Overload

Take a tip from the experts and sniff coffee beans between your candle scents, just like the master perfumers from long ago who learned that coffee beans will neutralise your sense of smell allowing you to enjoy the next fragrance. Alternatively – you can use the sleeve of your shirt or other fabric


Waxes explained

Elume is one of the longest running existing candle companies in Australia, and it has always been a goal of ours to educate consumers in understanding how candles are made and what they are made of. However, there are still so many misconceptions about waxes and how they are derived. We are still often asked, “Are your candles natural?” This is a difficult question to answer because soy wax, palm wax and paraffin wax are not found naturally.  Whilst all three are produced from natural sources they are all the result of highly complex refining processes. Therefore, we feel the need to be honest and not market our candles as ‘natural’.

Also, most candles companies use fragrant oils instead of essential oils because they work better with the waxes and are cost effective, thereby making the type of wax used irrelevant because the oils are not ‘natural’ either. Elume’s approach is to focus on using the best quality ingredients available to create the best quality products. We use soy for some of our candles and paraffin for others because we believe that there are different waxes ideal for different purposes.

About soy wax:

Soy wax is derived from the soybean oil that is extracted from soybeans, and through a process called hydrogenation is turned into a solid wax. It is considered to be made from a renewable resource and is mostly produced in the United States.

Soy wax is known for its clean burning qualities. It also produces a quick and long lasting scent throw which is a result of a lower melting point and cooler burning candles. This creates a larger wax pool around the burning wick to promote the release of the fragrance from within the wax. Soy wax also produces very little soot. Soy is definitely the best type of wax to use in container candles for these reasons. Wax spills are also very easy to clean up with hot soapy water.

For use in our container candles, we have created our own blend of predominantly soy wax with a small amount of paraffin to help extend the burn time. This blend has proven to be the best option for scent throw and longevity.

Elume melts, which can be used in oil burners instead of oils, are also made with soy wax. Soy wax is ideal for this purpose and the melts have superb scent throw! Soy wax in its purest form does not produce satisfactory pillar candles by our standards. We have conducted extensive trials to come to this conclusion.

About paraffin wax:

There are many misconceptions about the use of paraffin wax in candles, but we find that it produces excellent quality, long burning, beautiful candles. Paraffin wax candles are most definitely not toxic and they are the only type of candles you will find in such stunning colours! Production of paraffin is not harmful to the environment and is in fact a natural wax derived from ancient plant and animal forms that lived millions of years ago. Once obtained from the ground, this product is transported and processed (refined) into many different product forms, one of which is paraffin wax. Fully refined paraffin wax is non-reactive, non-toxic and is effective as a clean burning fuel.

About palm wax
We do not believe that there is any way to be certain of the sustainable production of palm wax. Since it is widely known to play a major role in the destruction of rainforest and animal habitat, we do not feel that it is ethical to use palm wax. There is plenty of information available on this topic. 


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* Melbourne - Approximately 2-4 business days 

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